Ee Soroban, commonly known as Abacus in India, is one of our unique programs where children acquire skills to perform basic calculations to complicated calculations quickly with help of ICT medium of education.

Ee Soroban employs a level-progression curriculum which allows children to proceed their study depending on their level of understanding and abilities. By the time they proceed to the higher level, they will find themselves being able to perform mental calculations without using the soroban tool.


Learning through Videos

Video-based learning is a widely-accepted e-learning method. What makes it latest and soon a staple of learning is its shorter, crispier and engaging nature, changing the way of traditional learning. The primary reason students should learn with the help of videos is that the human brain processes videos 60,000 times faster than it does the text. Tutorial videos make learning easier for students. We have animated videos that are tailor-made to generate interest among the students. Movies are made in an interactive way for students, making them learn difficult concepts in an easier way.

Level Progression

We have a unique level progression learning system where the concepts are divided among nine grades. Children study the concepts step by step using our textbooks. There is no pressure on the children to complete the grade in a limited time. Children can use their own pace and learning ability to complete a grade. As the level of grade increases, the difficulty level of the questions also increases as shown in the image.

Self Learning

Self learning is an important aspect of effective learning. When teaching something it is very important for the student to have a clear vision and understanding of every unit. Some students take time to understand and comprehend studies. It might be the case that they apprehend things for the third and fourth time. So, encrypted data is essential as it can be repeated till it gets into the mind. Here, students learn Soroban at their own pace with the help of our study material which is uniquely designed to cater the needs of their understanding level.

Imaging calculation

We use a unique calculation method called "Imaging calculation", which enables children to visualize the soroban in their mind. In Ee soroban, unique calculation exercises are available. Students watch movies where the calculation is actually performed on a soroban and answer the equation performed. By repetitively doing this exercise, children will be able to calculate mentally by visualizing a soroban, which helps them to foster skills to calculate more accurately and quickly.

Why should schools opt for Ee Soroban ?

1 To engage their students in extracurricular activity which further adds to their holistic development

2 To make their students stand apart from the students of other schools with such calculation skills

3 To get a chance to have cultural exchange program with schools in Japan and provide an exposure to their budding talents

4 To achieve higher results in the Mathematics as the speed in performing mathematical operations is enhanced

Why should students opt for Ee Soroban ?

1 For fast and accurate calculation skill

2 For better score in mathematics

3 For enhancing imagination and visualisation skill which activates right brain

4 For better concentration power

Student feedback

“I have been attending this programs since last year and this is helping me a lot. I am presently doing Grade 4. My speed has increased a lot in solving multiplication, addition, subtraction, and division and I can solve questions in few seconds. This program has helped me so much that I scored 78/80 in this term's Maths exam. This programs is different from other program”

Syed Rayan Iman
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