Certification Details

Certification has its own importance as it motivates a student to perform well and gain better results. It helps them to analyse their performance and gives them confidence on achieving their targets. It creates healthy competition among children and inspires them to give their hundred percent in any field. With this objective to encourage our students to perform better and boost their confidence , we provide certificates.

We provide certificate courses for our programs - KIWAMI Japanese , EE Soroban and KIWAMI Geometry.The certificate courses enable the students to excel in a particular course and enhance that skill. Our certificate courses are designed to nurture and polish the relevant skill that the program can bring the best .The programs are highly beneficial for competitive examinations and can help to shape their career.

KIWAMI Geometry

There are 7 grades in KIWAMI Geometry. A child needs to clear an achievement test of each grade to move to the next grade. A certificate is provided once the achievement test of a particular grade is clear.

Ee Soroban

This program consists of 7 grades . A student clears a basic level of 1 and 2 to move to the next grades . We provide certificates to the students after completion of each grade.