KIWAMI Japanese

Q. What is KIWAMI Japanese

A. KIWAMI Japanese is a program offered by us where students can learn Japanese language with the help of animated videos, worksheets/textbooks and get opportunities to know the culture of Japan and interact with native teachers. the culture of Japan and interact with native teachers.

Q. What are the benefits of learning KIWAMI Japanese?

A. The aim of KIWAMI Japanese is to make students pass the N5 level of JLPT (Japanese Language Proficiency Test). Not only passing the exam, but learning Japanese will also give them opportunities for serving in multinational companies or working as professionals in Japan, such as IT engineers and doctors.Learning Japanese language opens up many future avenues for the students.

Q. Who can take admission in KIWAMI Japanese Language Course?

A. Students from class V onwards can take up the KIWAMI Japanese classes in our learning centerAdults can also enroll in this course for learning Japanese and thereby explore job opportunities in Japan.

Q. How is our KIWAMI Japanese programme different from other Japanese language courses?

A. We are teaching through animated videos which will enhance your reading, writing, listening and speaking skills.We ensure exposure to a language idioms, dialects and slang which is taught to a student through online live sessions conducted by native speakers either once or twice a month.

Q. Are you providing any certificate of JLPT after the completion of the course?

A. No, we are not providing the certificates of JLPT. We are providing the certificates of our course once it will be successfully completed by the students.

KIWAMI Geometry

Q. What is KIWAMI Geometry? What is the relation between KIWAMI Geometry and the Geometry of other schools?

A. KIWAMI Geometry is a mathematics program which deals with geometrical concepts.It is the program that we teach with the help of animated videos. These videos help to gain concept clarity regarding the geometrical shapes and its principle. Children will learn by watching movies which helps them develop 'sharp brain', the ability to solve geometry questions without relying on the formulae. It also aids them to enhance spatial reasoning capacity, which is required to excel in fields such as IT, Architecture and design. Our program is broader than Geometry that not only includes CBSE Course but also focuses on improving their fundamental concepts.

Q. What are the topics you are broadly covering in this program?

A. 7  units are covered in this program, namely, plane figures, solid figures, nets, angles, perpendiculars and parallels, ratios and rotated figures.

Q. What are the things required to take KIWAMI Geometry classes?

A. Our programs are based on ICT Mediated technology. Therefore, you shall have an internet ready device - a computer with adobe flash player installed and headphones on each computer and textbooks (which we provide).

Q. How soon can a child master the skills offered by KIWAMI Geometry?

A. Our programs are level progressive; we do not compel the students to complete the grade in a particular time frame. Our main motto is to develop interest in children for the programs so that learning becomes easy. By rigorous practice and as the logical skills develop, the child can excel in KIWAMI Geometry in 2-3 years.

Q. What is the benefit of giving KIWAMI Challenge?

A. KIWAMI challenge is like a mock test where a child can practice for the test every month. The child will solve geometry questions on the learning website and can compete with children around the globe.

Ee Soroban

Q. What is the correct age of learning Ee Soroban?

A. Once your child learns counting and identifying numbers, you can start making your child learn Soroban.

Q. What is the duration of your program Ee Soroban?

A. As this is a self-learning program, it does not have a time duration. This depends on the learning capacity of a child and the number of days he will practice.

Q. What are the things required to take Ee Soroban classes?

A. Our programs are based on ICT Mediated technology. Therefore, you shall have an internet ready device - a computer with adobe flash player installed and headphones on each computer. We provide textbooks for Ee- Soroban classes.

Q. How much time a child should engage to learn Soroban?

A. The more your child practices, the faster your child will progress. Practice makes perfect so the harder he/she engages to learn soroban, the faster he/she will excel in calculation.

Q. Will there be any assessment test after completing each grade?

A. Yes, after the completion of each grade, an Assessment Test is conducted.

Q. How is Soroban different from other companies providing Soroban?

A. Ee Soroban itself means Learning through conceptual videos. Each concept is explained in an interactive way with the help of the videos where we channelize the child's senses to the maximum and he can excel in Soroban with practise.

Asobi AAA+

Q. What is Asobi AAA+?

A. Asobi AAA+ is a program that is tailor-made for young children of age group 3-5 years to facilitate their mathematical skill, simultaneously focussing on enhancing their logical and visualisation skills as well.

Q. What are the benefits of Asobi AAA+?

A. Asobi AAA+ is designed keeping in mind the knowledge that is required to be introduced to a child in the initial phase of learning. The uniquely designed program helps the child to familiarise themselves with mathematical concepts without any haste. The app and workbook designed for Asobi AAA+ helps the children to enhance their logical and visualisation skills.

Q. Who can take admission in Asobi AAA+?

A. As Asobi AAA+ is designed for kindergarten and early childhood, so children from age group 3-5 years can actively participate in it.

Q. How is Asobi AAA+ different from the other kindergarten programs?

A. With Asobi AAA+ we aim to teach mathematical skills from the initial age without any haste. The child can actively engage himself/herself in exploring and discovering the videos of the chapters which leads them to grasp the knowledge imparted through the videos. We also provide a workbook where the children can write down the lessons that they have learnt.

Q. How can a school use the Asobi AAA+ program?

A. The school can either use it in their curriculum or they can simply provide the application access to their students for home use.

Q. Can Asobi AAA+ be used by an individual?

A. Yes, the app can be subscribed on a monthly basis and be used by an individual.

Q. In Asobi AAA+ can anyone opt for purchasing the workbook only?

A. Asobi AAA+ is combination of an app and a workbook. To facilitate deep and clear learning, both have to be used together.