About us

Tamai Investment Education Inc, Japan is a well known brand- renowned for the introduction of teaching and interactive learning through the ICT medium of Education in Japan. It all started when ICT was a new idea. No one actually believed the feasibility of this concept. But, Mrs. Tamai - CEO of Tamai Investment Educations Inc, had a firm belief in her vision and her noble mission of empowering children with this new method of education was pure enough to coin this term in the history of revolutionary learning and education.

With the huge success in Japan, Mrs Tamai envisioned bringing this concept to India with a touch of Japanese technique, culture and learning. This gave birth to the establishment of Tamai Onettom India Private Limited in 2014. Our creative study known as the "Tamai Method" has been developed in Japan and we continue to empower children's imagination skills across the globe through our various centres in Japan, Hong Kong, USA, Thailand, Vietnam and India. It has been observed that this method has dramatically strengthened the "faculty of imagination "of children and their minds are nurtured to become sharper and they can contribute effectively to the various aspects of life.

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Connect your child/students globally

Imbibe world standard education

Study with the latest techniques rather than

traditional means of education.

Holistic development of your child

Get an insight into Japanese culture

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About our founder

Mitsuyo Tamai
  • Chief Teaching Material Creator of Tamai's Mathematics Narrated.
  • CEO-Tamai Investment Educations Inc. Japan and Tamai Onettom India Private Limited.
  • Scriptwriter & Producer of Theatrical Performance in Los Angeles.
  • Public Speaker.

Mitsuyo Tamai, the CEO of Tamai Investment Educations Inc Japan and Tamai Onettom India Private Limited, was born in Kyoto, Japan. She entered the field of education through her enriching teaching experience of 20 years at a Tutoring School. This inspired her to develop a teaching material by the name of Tamai's Mathematics Narrated. This program has been successfully introduced to a large number of educational institutions in Japan and it majorly targets the children of age 5 years to 9 years. In 2012, she contributed to the development of sister series "Professional: Ultimate Shapes KIWAMI that focuses on teaching Geometry. Its major aim is to develop a "Sharp brain" that allows children to work out questions without relying on the formulae.

She also advocates a unique method of "Active Language Learning" which exclusively focuses on fostering children's linguistic abilities which has been recently tapped by educators in Kindergartens, primary schools and major tutoring schools. Her research focuses on the use of accessible information and communication technology (ICT), to increase social participation, as well as the pedagogical benefits of social media in teaching and Learning.

Her excellent quality Study material have drawn attraction from Educators Worldwide which includes international schools in Thailand and Institutions in other Asian Countries such as India, Vietnam, Myanmar, Malaysia & Singapore. She is a wonderful and humble Lady striving for the educational upliftment of the society and is leaving no stone unturned to conquer her endeavors.