Meeting the Needs of Today's Education

Tamai Onettom India Pvt. Ltd. with the aim to reach out to maximum number of students started collaborating with schools through its unique educational programs and teaching materials. Schools in the 21st century have been thriving to inculcate value added education in order to achieve holistic development of the students. The goal of modern education is to focus on ensuring that children would be problem solvers, decision makers and enablers.

Students need to leave schools with life skills that help them navigate challenges even if they don't know the solutions to them.

Tamai Onettom India Pvt. Ltd. strongly opined that education, broadly speaking is not just teaching the prescribed syllabus but opening the little minds to multiple possibilities, imbibing life skills and nurturing out of each child the entrepreneurial skills in almost all the pursuits of life.

We, hence started our venture of implementation of our unique educational programs into schools to provide opportunities for students to explore their hidden talents and be a better human being.

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