Geometry is an integral part of Mathematics and the earlier you start learning Geometry, the better you can understand the concept of Geometry. KIWAMI Geometry is one of the best courses to learn and to understand the concept of Geometry from a very early age of students.  We offer our students a Japanese designed based course "KIWAMI Geometry" where our students can learn the Geometrical concept  with hint videos. We extensively focus on improving the fundamental concepts  of geometry in students and the ability required to solve geometrical questions is to visualize shapes in mind.


Solid figures are animated for easy understanding

Children will be able to solve questions regarding solid figures, rotating figures and nets by watching videos. The plane figure moves and is shown in 3D format in the video, which helps students to visualize shapes. Our videos are made in such a way that students will find it easier to learn and understand, giving them an opportunity to explore and broaden their knowledge.

Level Progression

We offer level progression learning wherein the children can learn step by step using worksheets that are divided into grades. We care for the learning abilities of the students and we believe that each child has his own thinking skills. The curriculum is designed in such a way that each child will be able to work as per his own learning ability.

Opportunity to Participate in Global Competition

Once a month, KIWAMI Challenge is conducted, where children studying Kiwami Geometry can participate from all over the world. Participating students will be able to see themselves ranked among the students globally, which will ultimately motivate and encourage their competitive skills.

Take a Glimpse of Hint Video!

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Study Material

1 Learn geometry with the help of animated hint videos - A multi- media structural class ( refers to integration of text, graphics, animation, sound, and/or video etc.)

Animated hint videos

2 Spiral Learning - Seven grades to master in geometry. Students can learn independently, expanding their knowledge and making gains in individual progress through watching conceptual videos. Multiple exercises for students to practices.

Seven grades to master in geometry

3 Login id and password are provided to watch videos anytime anywhere. It allows students to individually explore and discover relationships between observed objects into 2 dimensional and 3 dimensional figures.

By moving objects, points, and the slider on the applets or screen, students notice changes that occur, and in this way draw their own conclusions and enhance their Imaginary skill.

4 Opportunity to participate in Kiwami Challenge Global competition on monthly basis.

5 Achievement test to upgrade students skills and problem solving potential on regular basis.

Achievement test

6 Certificates are given after mastering each grade of the program to boost up student’s motivation and progress updates.

Certificates are given after mastering each grade

7 Expertise and well trained teachers to provide deep understanding of the subject without rote learning.

Expertise and well trained teachers

Skills to enhance


A student from Delhi Public School, Ranchi had enrolled for KIWAMI Geometry and participated in the KIWAMI challenge. With his rigorous practice and extensive skills he had not only qualified for the KIWAMI Challenge but also ranked 4th in the Global competition.

Yash Raj
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