Early childhood is a critical period for brain development. Research shows that the brain undergoes significant growth during these formative years. Quality early education programs provide stimulating environments that foster cognitive skills, language development and problem solving abilities. Children exposed to such an environment are more likely to develop a strong foundation for future academic success. Promoting early childhood education is an investment in the well being and success of individuals and society as a whole. By focusing on these, we pave the way for a generation of resilient, creative and socially adept individuals who will shape the future.

ASOBI International is a unique program  that aims at teaching core concepts related to English, Maths, Hindi, GK, etc, for the age group 3 to 6 years, that has been developed keeping in mind the various needs and benefits that an early childhood education program has to offer. This program has a unique combination of online and offline teaching aids which helps children to balance both modes of study. We have the facility of a workbook along with the Application.

Distinguishing features of ASOBI International

  • Animation- The Animation used in  ASOBI International is engaging and helps the students to engage themselves in the learning program. It enhances the logical and visual reasoning.
  • AI (Artificial Intelligence)- The AI feature records the progress of the child and helps them to solve the problems of the same kind where they had difficulty to solve thereby making them confident of the lesson learnt.
  • AR (Augmented Reality)- The AR features introduce the concept in the real world and they can start to correlate new things..


Application Explore and Discover 

The questions in the application have multiple options which enables the children to rack their brains and think of the accurate solution. The immediate feedback from the problem solving attempt enables the children to explore and discover their capabilities and also provides them with a scope of improvement. The AI is designed to store each child's learning progress, while the AR improves spatial recognition through an interactive outlet.


The Animation used in  ASOBI International is engaging and helps the students to engage themselves in the learning program. It enhances the logical and visual reasoning. We believe in the power of visualisation that plays as a tool for learning. Our program includes a variety of educational lessons that are beautifully designed not only to entertain but also enhance cognitive and motor skills. Learning along with our adorable characters, and dynamic and colourful animation, creates an exciting environment to fuel visualization skills.


The Workbook offers a variety of questions to trigger the reasoning and understanding capacity of the children. There are question types related to multiple choice, fill in the blanks and many fin activities. 

This also focuses on building the writing skill simultaneously challenging the child to reason the solution to the questions offered in the chapters.

Flexible Learning Setting

We believe in the concept that education should not be restrained to a certain setting. We lay great emphasis on flexible learning settings so that the children are comfortable and the knowledge thus gained is retrieved for a longer period of time. 

The children can learn in their favourable setting i.e in school or in their home. As we have the facility of both Application and workbook to study, the student can opt to study either of them at any place or use both of them altogether in a particular setting.

Students learn many concepts without getting bored while they enjoy our interactive learning App. This program in a very playful manner enhances children’s mathematics, visualization, english and logical skills. 

Through animation, we explain and introduce a new concept. Also provide animated supplementary explanations.

About the Curriculum

The curriculum is uniquely designed to keep in mind the budding requirements of  young minds. .
Our study material focuses on children ages 3-6 years which includes Workbooks up to 3 volumes integrated along with a well-curated application.

What do we provide?

We provide the content to Schools/ individuals  in the form of Apps and Workbooks.
Our Teaching Material includes


We provide applications that can be accessed by login ids and passwords.

The students can login to see the videos and solve the questions simultaneously.


We provide workbooks on which students can practice newly learnt concepts.

The workbook has 3 Volumes.

Benefits of ASOBI International

The program ASOBI International is uniquely designed for the little genius who wants to satisfy their curiosity with the different learning which they see and want to reason.

Our program helps to enhance their visualisation skills. The animations appeal to them and they want to explore and discover everything- retaining the language thus learnt.

The characters and the objects which they see in the app help them to identify them in the real world.

The children can effortlessly learn concepts that are related to English, Math , General knowledge and Hindi through the apps and workbooks provided.

The application provided helps the children to be introduced to technology at a very tender age.

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