Steps for registering

Please choose a registration approach A or B below.

A. Visit our centre

  • Walk-in to the Tuition Centre.
  • You can choose the programme that appeals to you and opt for a demo class to get clarity about the programme.
  • Filling the admission form.
  • Select the time slot/batch for your classes.
  • Pay the fees and start coming for the classes.

B. Through our website

  • Choose the program you would like to opt.
  • Goto to "Enrollment Form" and fill it out.
  • Goto Payment link and make the payment. *
  • You will receive the email regarding class commencement date.

    *Currently not available. We will provide you the payment details in our reply email.

Admission period

Can enroll in any month in one session (April 22 to March 23) and start taking the classes.

Fee structure

SLProgram NameClassFeesFees month wise/term wiseMode of the class
1KIWAMI JapaneseClass IV onwardsRs 1000Per monthOnline/Offline
2KIWAMI JapaneseAdultsRs 1000Per monthOnline/Offline
3KIWAMI GeometryClass 3 to 8Rs 1000Per term(1 term=3 months)Online/Offline
4Ee SorobanClass 2 to 8Rs 3000Per term(1 term=3 months)Online/Offline

Mode of Payment

Cash (Visit office)

Cheque (Visit Office)

Through website

Special Offers

Sibling Discount

Sibling discount of 50%. Sibling discount can be availed on the fees of the enrolment of the second child. The second child becomes eligible for a discount of 50% on the fees, while the first child has to pay the full fee amount.

Referral id Discount

You can also get a 50% discount on one month's fee when you refer any one of your friends. You and your friend, both are eligible for the discount. Each time you refer a friend, both of you get 50% discount on one month's fee.