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Maths Crash course

Ultimate Shapes kiwami

Learning method to enhance Imaginative skills

Maths Crash course

World-Class Education!

Tamai method has been introduced worldwide successfully

kindergarten activities in punjabi bagh

The level-progression curriculum allows children to enhance their abilities regardless of their grade in school.

About Us

KIWAMI is the latest method of education developed in Japan. Our method has been successfully introduced into many schools , kindergartens and major tuition centres in Japan.

TAMAI Method

It is known that child’s brain develops the most at the stage where they attend kindergarten and primary school. Hence, we believe that children should not spend most of their time on rote or repetitive learning during this golden opportunity of learning.

Our Program

With the help of well trained and experience teachers, students will enjoy our program equipped with the latest movie content through tablets and computers.

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