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Welcome to Kiwami !

KIWAMI is the latest method of education developed in Japan. Our method has been successfully introduced into many schools , kindergartens and major tuition centres in Japan.

We are the pioneers of teaching and interactive learning through the ICT medium of Education in India from Japan. Our creative study known as the “Tamai Method’” has been developed in Japan and we continue to empower children’s imagination skills across the globe through our various centers in Japan, Hong Kong, USA, Thailand , Vietnam and India. It has been observed that this method has dramatically strengthened the “faculty of imagination”of children and their minds are nurtured to become sharper and they can contribute effectively to the various aspects of life.


Kiwami geometry

The most important thing in solving geometry questions is not memorizing formulae. The ability to be able to visualize the formation of shapes is vitally important. Ultimate Shapes KIWAMI Professional enables children to learn construction of shapes visually by showing them solids in animation. Furthermore, beautifully designed and exciting animations keep children focused and entertained.

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We use a unique calculation method called "imaging calculation", which enables children to visualize the sorobon in their mind. In Ee soroban, unique calculation exercises are avalilable. Students watch movies where the calculation is actually performed on a soroban and answer the equation performed. By repetitively doing this exercise, children will be able to calculate mentally by visualizing a soroban, which helps them to foster skills to calculate more accurately and quickly.

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This program introduces to the Japanese programming education system. A robot can perform various tasks that are given by children through programming. They will learn how to program on their own and there are some imaginative steps that are fun and interesting Children will be motivated to learn throughout the course and they will acquire basic ideas of programming upon completion of the course. Through the event, Children will get motivated to learn programming.

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