Seminar at the National University of Study and Research in Law (NUSRL),Ranchi

Learning a new language provides new perspectives on life. Analogously, learning Japanese will provide you with a new perspective on how to live, learn, train, upgrade, reskill, and upskill yourself. 

We had conducted a seminar on learning the Japanese language at the National University of Study and Research in Law, Ranchi to inform students about this.

To look more deeply into our Japanese language program, which we offered to students, our highly qualified Japanese language faculties gave a brief explanation.

Mind maps of career paths were explicitly explained in the PowerPoint slide to give participants more recognition and insight, which was accompanied by discussions of JLPT and its various levels, as well as the various types of JLPT examinations carried out in India to become certified linguistic specialists. Following that, we addressed our beginner Japanese language course, JLPT N5, and students have also been introduced to basic Japanese greetings to get a feel for the language.

Interactions with the students were then carried out to learn further about their queries and concerns. Following that, there was a FAQ session with the students to spark their fascination with and attention to the language.

The students provided us with very positive feedback about their exposure to Japanese language study in the classroom via the feedback form we gave them. In the end, a vote of thanks was given for everyone's energetic participation.

Law students who are interested in learning about the Japanese language can contact the National University of Study Research and Law, Ranchi