Japan Fest organized in Ranchi University

KIWAMI organised a 2 day Japan fest in the reputed Ranchi University on 2nd and 3rd February 2024 at Aryabhatta Auditorium. The event was conducted by the Japanese Native team. The students from different courses joined the event. The event focused on the Culture of Japan, Japanese working culture, mathematics-related advancements in Japan, and the benefits of learning the Japanese language among the rest. The event was started by the Honorable Vice Chancellor Sir of the University and followed by a speech from our Honorable CEO Mrs. Tamai. The speech given, created a moment of awe, in the auditorium as the speech was delivered in Hindi, and everyone present there could not stop applauding it. The event was taken forward by the team members, who gave presentations related to Japanese culture and its development in the educational sector.

We also gave information to the students, regarding the Certified course that was about to start in collaboration with Ranchi University. It is a JLPT N5 course and students can take part in it by registering with us. The duration of the course is 6 months We were amazed at the overwhelming response from the students as almost all the students present there registered themselves for the demo sessions of the course. A FAQ session was also conducted to solve all the queries of the students and also to give them an insight into the job opportunities, they could get, after learning the language.

The event concluded with a motivational speech by Vice Chancellor Sir. We could clearly make out from the faces of the students present there, that they had a zeal in their hearts to learn the language and brighten their future. They showed immense excitement to join the upcoming demo session of the course.
We look forward to hosting more such events in many other Universities and Institutes as well.