Japan Fest organized in Delhi Public School, Ranchi

We are thrilled to announce that we had organized a Japanese Language Fest at Delhi Public School, Ranchi. The students from Class 4 to Class 7 attended this event. The native Japanese team also participated in this event. The event started enthusiastically with a Speech from the Honourable Principal Sir of Delhi Public School and our Company’s CEO Mrs. Tamai. Everyone was surprised by the speech of Mrs Tamai as she delivered it in Hindi.

The virtual tour of Japan and some fun quizzes related to Japanese culture and Language marked the highlight of the event. The Japanese team introduced the audience to some of the stationary used in Japan. Children were surprised and excited to see the unique stationary items shared by the team. We also distributed prizes to the students who had answered the quizzes and also enlightened everyone about the benefits of learning the language.
All the participants received a unique pencil from Japan. We could make out from the smiles on the children’s faces how much they had enjoyed the session.

The session concluded with happy faces and it was evident that the children did not want to leave the Auditorium and go back to their classes. The event was a huge success and we look forward to conducting such events in many other schools as well.