Japanese Language online workshop organised by KIWAMI

A two day online workshop on the Japanese language was organised by KIWAMI on 22nd & 23rd May 2024. The two day event included the students from class 1-6 from schools all over the country. The workshop was conducted by Japanese Language professionals who imparted the students with knowledge related to Japanese culture, customs and the language itself. The students were taught several phrases and words from the Japanese language. The students took keen interest in the event and participated with full enthusiasm.

The event started with the host welcoming the students and teachers. And then the students were taken on a virtual tour to Japan. The students also got to learn about the ways to introduce themselves in the Japanese Language. They also learnt numbers in the language and even practised it during the event itself. They also got to learn about the benefits of learning the language and the ways to pursue higher education in Japan.

The event concluded on a high note when the students were involved in a question & answer session where all the myths were busted, the doubts were cleared and the queries addressed. The students showed great interest in learning the language and the aura of the event revealed it all. The two day event included students bustling with determination in their eyes and hope in their heart to learn the language and excel in the same.