Cultural Exchange Program in DPS, Ranchi for classes 3 and 4

The world is a close-knit global society. Though people might be distant apart, technology helps them to know each other and connect, which leads to the gradual progress and development of individuals and the country as a whole. Striving with this belief, the Cultural Exchange Programs are a series of conscious initiatives by Tamai Onettom India Private Limited in collaboration with Delhi Public School, Ranchi (DPS) India, and Nara Ikuei Global Elementary School from Japan. The students from Classes 3 and 4 participated in this event this time.

The event started on a very interesting and musical note, wherein the students of Class 4 from Nara Ikuei Global Elementary School, Japan introduced to the students of DPS an orchestra depicting the tune of some animations like Mighty Atom and Lupin, the Third. Mighty Atom is a humanoid robot - hero of the 21st century, filled with love, justice, and courage and Lupin the Third is a character who along with his friends tricks richer people to help the needy ones. It was indeed a very captivating moment to see young children performing with so much confidence and portraying their skills. In the next performance, the students of class 3 showcased some light and beneficial exercises that were also engaging and worth the attention.

Now it was time for the DPS students to get their friends from Japan, a glimpse of our Indian culture, constitution, and facts about our country. Students from DPS, class 3 showcased with pride all the things that vividly depict India and its rich cultural heritage. Starting from giving information about our Indian constitution, our flag, our national emblem, national animal, national bird, etc. The event was carried forward by the class 4 students who added more insight to our rich and vivid heritage, portraying the essence of India.

It was a spectacular event where the students of both countries were thrilled to witness each other's performance and exchange of information. The event concluded with an interactive session filling their cup of knowledge to the brim. We further wish to organize more such events in many other schools.