Cultural Exchange Event in DPS, Ranchi for Classes 1 and 2.

A cultural exchange Program means connecting two different cultures and sharing them to build better relationships. We focus on prospering the relationship of Indo-Japan and what better could it be than to start from the young children who are the future of tomorrow?
Tamai Onettom India Private Limited has organized an online cultural exchange program between Delhi Public School, Ranchi(DPS) from India, and Nara Ikuei Global Elementary School from Japan on 18th Jan 2024. The students of classes 1 and 2 participated in this program.

Students of DPS, Ranchi started the program with the topic - Community Helpers. The students were dressed up like community helpers for example - firemen, postmen, vegetable vendors, doctors, nurses, fisherwomen, soldiers, farmers. The students shared the importance of the helpers of society and how essential they are in our day-to-day lives. It was a treat to see the young children perform such magnificent acts.

Students from Japan - Class 2, then started sharing photos they took during winter vacation as it was a part of their school’s winter beak work. They shared pictures of Kodamatsu - (decoration done during the new year), Shimenawa (ornament displayed in the new year),  mochi (rice cake), Zouni (food eaten in the new year), Osechi (Japanese traditional food eaten in the new year) and few places of Japan where they went
Then Class 1 students showed their artwork like paintings done for the new year. It was great to see how these young children are so creative with colors and how they bring their imagination to paper so beautifully.

Later students from Japan side showed a few videos related to their sports like how kite flying is done and they showed live spinning of the Japanese top. Then with an interesting question answer  round like favourite community helper, what they call a firetruck in Japan, national fruit, famous food  and so on  the session came to an end