Cultural Exchange Event for Class 1 and 2 - 2nd Nov

What a wonderful thought it is to unite young minds of different cultures and impart knowledge to one another to unite and bring them closer together. We, KIWAMI organized a virtual Cultural Exchange program among the students of India and Japan.

Students of Class 1 and Class 2 attended this event from Delhi Public School, Ranchi, India, and Nara Ikuei Global Elementary School, Japan.

Students from Ranchi, India started the event. They shared details about our very famous festival - Chatt Puja. They not only explained verbally but they were also dressed in very colorful attire which seemed so amusing to the students of Japan. They shared the reason for celebrating the festival and how they celebrate it. They even showed the fruits and thalis used on the occasion as religious beliefs. It was a delight to watch their presentation.

Later Students from Japan continued with their presentation for the celebration of Halloween. They amused us with their spooky costumes. They also shared the video regarding their games of trick or treat. Indian students really enjoyed watching how different events are celebrated there. The most fun part of the event was when students from both ends asked questions to each other regarding their favorite festivals, favorite places in the city, etc.

We could see a healthy relationship developing between both ends and we really look forward to having more sessions like this in different schools.