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Entering into the world of technology

About Robotics

Robotics is the intersection of science, engineering and technology that produces machines called "Robot" to replicate human work and make it easier. Now-a-days Robotics is striding very innovatively in the field of Technology with its extensive usage in our day to day life. The scope of Robotics becomes more vast and huge with the advancement of technologies. Therefore, knowledge of Robotics will help a child to understand how these Robots work and prepare them for the future era.

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Creating Foundation

Knowledge about Robotics will enable the child to understand the concepts of Robots and its operations. It helps a child to build a foundation for the learning of new computer languages that facilitates his interest in Robots and Technologies.

Trial and Error

Learning through Trial and Error

Let's see how students learn with our Robotics program.

Level Progression

Level Progression

We have prepared curriculum in a way that help students learn programming, from simple to complex operations.

Creates foundation of Programming

In today's technology driven world, there is a need to give an outlook to our young ones about the current technology.

We use car type robots with sensors for our Robotics program.Students work on programming the robots and acquire the logical skill. The curriculum of the program is designed in such a way that the children can acquire necessary skills for Robotics programming. This helps the young ones to learn the basics of computer language and learn the programming in a fun way with the Robots.

Learning Through Trial and Error

Working on mission Student will be given a mission sheet where they have to move the robot according to the given mission.
Use the software to create logical commands The software is designed in a way that requires logical skills to write the command for operating the robots and complete the mission
Checking the mission Incase the goal is not reached the commands can be rewritten again using the correct logic.

Level Progression

The complexities of the mission increases with every accomplished task.Students gradually learn to apply the correct required logic to proceed to the next level. This empowers cognitive adaption and psychomotor skill of a child step by step .

Glimpse of Class

This is how our students enjoy and learn the robotics program in a fun way.
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