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Frequently Asked Questions

Q. How your program is different from other programs?
A. Firstly, we are teaching through ICT Mediated education. We focus on improving imaginative and logical skills of the children with the help of our teaching videos and movies.
Q. How a school can conduct classes without you providing your own staff?
A. Our teachers will be giving training to your teachers. Team shall be in direct contact with the teachers if they need any help.
Q. How your programs will benefit our students?
A. Each of our program focuses on enhancing logical and imaginative skills among the children which will help them in clearing their fundamental concepts and in turn improves their confidence.
Q. What is the origin / source of your study material.
A. KIWAMI Geometry and Ee Soroban have been developed by our founder Mrs. Mitsuyo Tamai in Japan and have been widely used in Japan and other countries.
Q. How can the students of different boards (CBSE, ICSE etc) benefit from your programs?
A. Our programs majorly focus on building strong fundamental concepts of the students in the field of Mathematics and Science which in turn will help the students in doing good in their academics.
Q. What are the immediate benefits that a student can reap from your programs?
A. The benefits that a child gets, depends on the students how hard they study. But we ensure that a child acquires skills that will ultimately help him in building a strong foundation.
Q. For each program, from which class standard, the class can be conducted?
A. For each program we can conduct classes from class 2 to class 8 of the respective academic year. However, this also depends on each school that to which classes they would like to implement our programs.
Q. What is the recommended duration of the class? (e.g., 45 mins, an hour?)
A. For EeSoroban and Kiwami Geometry, it should be 45 mins each. For other program we provide 60 mins class.
Q. Can you conduct workshop for parents so that they will have a better understanding of the program?
A. Yes, we conducting workshops for the parents for their better understanding. We can also have interactive sessions with parents to explain them about our programs and their benefits in details.
Q. Do you provide certificate to the students on completing the course?
A. Yes, certificates are provided to the students when they complete a grade or unit in each program. The certificates are recognised by deemed universities of Japan.
Q. Do you conduct demo sessions for the students?
A. We provide demo sessions/free trial classes for the students in order to give a glimpse of our programs. Teache's can also observe the sessions and share their feedback.
Q. How will you ensure parent-teacher interaction to discuss on the progress of the students?
A. We can conduct parent -teacher meet on the day school will decide and interact with the parents to discuss about the progress of their child.
Q. What about the faculty who will be coming to take the classes?
A. Our faculty possesses necessary qualifications required for being a teacher and are trained every month to conduct the classes we provide.
Q. What is KIWAMI Japanese?
A. KIWAMI Japanese is a program offered by us where students can learn Japanese language with the help of animated videos, worksheets and get opportunities to know the culture of Japan and interact with native teachers.
Q. What are the benefits of learning KIWAMI Japanese?
A. KIWAMI Japanese helps us to learn Japanese with ease through the interactive and communicative words and phrases that are taught in the classes. It also prepares us for the JLPT test and qualify easily.Learning Japanese language opens up the employment opportunities.
Q. Who can take admission in Kiwami Japanese Language Course?
A. Students from class V onwards can take up the KIWAMI Japanese classes in their schools. Adults can also enrol in this course for learning Japanese and thereby explore job opportunities Japan.
Q. How long it will take to prepare for JLPT-N5 level while learning KIWAMI Japanese?
A. As per our program, students can appear for JLPT-N5 after completion of NJ-4 level.
Q. Will I get the Job opportunities after learning KIWAMI Japanese course?
A. Yes, you will get ample job opportunities after learning Japanese Language.
Q. How is our KIWAMI Japanese programme different from other Japanese language course?
A. We are teaching through animated videos which will enhance your reading, writing, listening and speaking skills.
Q. What are the course details of KIWAMI Japanese?
A. We have divided the Japanese language course learning into 8 levels i.e NJ1 to NJ8 (Reading, Writing, Listening and Speaking through videos and worksheets).
Q. Are you providing any certificate of JLPT after the completion of the course?
A. No, we are not providing the certificates of JLPT. We are providing the certificates of our KIWAMI Japanese Course level wise (NJ1-NJ8)
Q. What is KIWAMI Geometry? What is the relation between KIWAMI Geometry and the Geometry of other schools?
A. is the program that we teach with the help of animated videos. These videos help to gain concept clarity regarding the geometrical shapes and its principal. Children will learn by watching movies which helps them develop 'sharp brain', the ability to solve geometry questions without relying on the formulae. It also aids them to enhance spatial reasoning capacity, which is required to excel in fields such as IT, Architecture and design. Our program is broader than Geometry that not only includes CBSE Course but also focus on improving their fundamental concepts.
Q. What are the topics you are broadly covering in this program?
A. 7 units are covered in this program, namely, plane figures, solid figures, nets, angles, perpendiculars and parallels, ratios and rotated figures.
Q. What are the things required to take KIWAMI Geometry classes?
A. Our programs are based on ICT Mediated technology. Therefore, you shall have an internet ready device - a computer with adobe flash player installed and headphones on each computer and textbooks (which we provide).
Q. How soon can a child master the skills offered by KIWAMI Geometry?
A. Our programs are level progressive; we do not compel the students to complete the grade in a particular time frame. Our main motto is to develop interest in children for the programs so that learning becomes easy. By rigorous practice and as the logical skills develop, the child can excel KIWAMI Geometry in 2-3 years.
Q. What is the benefit of giving KIWAMI Challenge?
A. KIWAMI challenge is like a mock test where child can practice for the test every month. The child will solve geometry questions on the learning website and can compete with children around the globe.
Q. What is the correct age of learning Ee Soroban?
A. Once your child learns counting and identifying numbers, you can start making your child learn Soroban.
Q. What is the duration of your program Ee Soroban?
A. As this is a self-learning program, it does not have a time duration. This depends on the learning capacity of a child and the number of days he will practice.
Q. What are the things required to take Ee Soroban classes?
A. Our programs are based on ICT Mediated technology. Therefore, you shall have an internet ready device - a computer with adobe flash player installed and headphones on each computer. we provide textbooks for Eesoroban classes.
Q. How much time a child should engage to learn Soroban?
A. The more your child practices, the faster your child will progress. Practice makes perfect so the harder he/she engages to learn soroban, the faster he/she will excel in calculation.
Q. Will there be any assessment test after completing each grade?
A. Yes, after the completion of each grade, an Assessment Test is conducted.
Q. How your Soroban is different from other companies providing Soroban?
A. Ee Soroban itself means Learning through conceptual videos. Each concept is explained in an interactive way with the hep of the videos where we channelize the child's senses to the maximum and he can excel in Soroban with practise.
Q. What is Robotics?
A. In today's technology driven world, there is a need to give an outlook to our young ones about the current technology. We use car type robots with sensors for our Robotics program.Students work on programming the robots and acquire the logical skill.
Q. Will a child be able to make Robot after doing Robotics?
A. No, children will not be able to make Robots after doing Robotics. They will learn the programming of Robots. They will learn how to program on their own and apply logic and reasoning to move the Robots to achieve the given mission.
Q. Are you providing robots for home so that child can practise?
A. Initially we will be wanting children to do the robotics at school itself but if your child would be really interested in buying then you can purchase the same but it can be a little expensive as it is made in Japan.
Q. Does the Robotics program teaches children about the hardware?
A. The program does not teach about the hardware. The program does not aim at teaching about the making of robot rather it focuses more on understanding the logic behind moving the robot in a particular direction for achieving the mission.
Q. Is your laboratory well equipped?
A. Our laboratory is well equipped for performing our course experiments.
Q. Do you have all the materials and equipment required for science experiments?
A. We are fully equipped with materials and instruments required to perform our course experiments.
Q. How does your science experiments meet all the requirements for my child's class curriculum?
A. We provide customized courses according to child's school grade.
Q. Are teachers qualified enough to perform laboratory experiments?
A. We always focus on quality education thus our faculty includes qualified teachers.
Q. What is the age to join science lab classes?
A. Children of age group 8+ can join our science course.
Q. Can you really teach science to small children? Will they be able to learn ?
A. Absolutely Yes! Young children are always investigating , curious to solve problems and they only need an opportunity to understand how things work. We are providing them fun loving environment so they will definitely be able to learn what we will be teaching to them.
Q. Are your classes only for children who love Science?
A. No, our classes are for all students who love to be creative and are also keen to learn how things work and understand the surroundings around them.
Q. Isn't it dangerous for my child to conduct experiments?
A. The child's safety is our utmost concern. Students will always perform experiments under supervision of teachers so it is not dangerous at all.
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