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TAMAI Method

It is known that child’s brain develops the most at the stage where they attend kindergarten and primary school. Hence, we believe that children should not spend most of their time on rote or repetitive learning on during this golden opportunity of learning. TAMAI Method is a special program which aids children to develop the ability to visualize, foster imagination and improve judgment which will be vitally important to be world-class talents in the future.

We believe that ‘the faculty of imagination’ is an important skill which enables children to fulfill their potential in work, life, learning and sports. KIWAMI is the only tuition centre in India that provides various programs to enhance ‘the faculty of imagination’.


Science Vision (HOPPEN Early Childhood Education) 3-5 years

This program targets children aged 3 to 5. They will learn about numbers, shapes, English in order to foster their ability to think and imaginative thinking skills through one of a kind educational material and teaching tools. The program aims to have children acquire basic academic skills to ensure that they are well-prepared to enroll in school.
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TAMAI Mathematics Narrated (Class 1 to Class 4 )

TAMAI Mathematics Narrated puts emphasis on understanding the fundamental concepts of mathematics and does not encourage repetitive calculation practice nor memorizing formulae. High-quality movies and animations are provided in order to promote understanding, which aid children to learn with fun.
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KIWAMI Geometry (Class 1 to Class 6)

KIWAMI Geometry program exclusively focuses on geometry, a unit which you least expect drastic improvement even if children start making efforts to improve the scores of geometry-related questions once they enter upper primary school or secondary school. 7 units are covered in this program, namely, plane figures, solid figures, nets, angles, perpendicular and parallel lines, ratios and rotated figures. Children will learn these 7 units by watching movies, which helps them develop ‘shape brain’, the ability to solve geometry questions without relying on formulae. It also aids them to enhance spatial reasoning capacity, which is required to excel in various fields such as IT, architecture and design.
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Ee Soroban(ABACUS) For small children to Class 6

Once children master Ee Soroban, they will be able to acquire a skill to perform basic calculations to complicated calculations. KIWAMI Soroban employs level-progression curriculum which allows children to proceed their study depending on their level of understanding and abilities. By the time they proceed to the upper level, they will find themselves being able to perform mental calculations without using abacus. The ability to visualize that can be acquired through abacus study will help children to excel in other subjects.
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Gakken Science Experiment (Class 1 to Class 6)

This program aims to develop future scientists. Children will learn the wonder of science through experiments and our own educational materials, which aids them to learn principles of science and scientific phenomenon. The program also helps children to enhance logical thinking ability because they will be asked to summarize what they have learned through the experiments.
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Robotics Program ( AGE 6 to 11)

This program introduces to the Japanese programming education system. A robot can perform various tasks that are given by children through programming. They will learn how to program on their own and there are some imaginative steps that are fun and interesting Children will be motivated to learn throughout the course and they will acquire basic ideas of programming upon completion of the course. Through the event, Children will get motivated to learn programming.

Content of Event(Plan)

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Maths CBSE Course

Mathematics is a subject which involves logical and analytical thinking to solve problems. It involves imagination and visualising of figures and questions.

We at KIWAMI not only emphasize on getting good marks but for the clarity of fundamental concepts.

We think if a child knows concepts then s/he can use them in real life as well. For example if a child knows the concept of perimeter and area then he can find the cost of whitewashing of his home and no one can cheat him on this

Are you wondering how we are different from other institutes?

We give individual attention for the understanding of fundamental concepts so that the your child gets good marks in school and apply their practical knowledge for life.

We assure you that after attending classes at KIWAMI your child will start loving Mathematics.

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