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Kiwami Geometry - Learning Method To Enhance Shape Brain

It is known that child’s brain develops the most at the stage where they attend kindergarten and primary school. Kiwami geometry is a special program which aids children to develop the ability to visualize, foster imagination and improve judgment which will be vitally important to be world-class talents in the future.

Train the faculty of imagination and develop a shape brain

Ultimate Shapes KIWAMI Professional employs a level progression curriculum which allows children to proceed in their studies depending on the level of their understanding regardless of their grade in school or age. These materials enable children to see their own comprehension step by step as textbooks are divided into several grades, ranging from Grade 1 to 7. Children will be able to gain awareness that mathematical abilities can be attained through trials and efforts.

Learn Step By Step Using Worksheets Divided Into Grades

Children may commence their studies from any level suitable for their comprehension. Whenever students have difficulty solving questions, they can watch hint movies to work out questions by themselves.

Enhance The Faculty Of Imagination Through Animations

With the aid of beautiful animations, children can repeatedly visualize complicated shapes that are difficult to imagine. Animations help to keep children entertained and focused. It enables children to learn geometry in a much more enjoyable way.

Identfy Weak Points With Progress Tests For Each Unit

There are three types of checking tests available for each unit. Children can revise lessons until they pass the test.

Passed! Good Luck With Next Level

Passed! Good Luck With Next Level


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