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1) What is the origin / source of your study material?

Our study materials have been developed by our founder Mrs. Mitsuyo Tamai in Japan and have been widely used in Japan and other countries.
2) What is the benefit derived from your programs in relation to the subjects offered in schools?

We provide programs that generally contribute to the progress of subjects like Maths and Science We offer programs namely Ee Soroban , Kiwami Geometry , Science Lab and also Robotics that helps in inculcating various skills , that are necessary to build overall personality of the students.
3) How your programs are different from other programs?

We are teaching through ICT mediated education. The main focus is to improve and develop imaginative as well as logical skills of the children.
4) How can we avail the benefits of your programs for our children?

We provide our programs in Schools that have collaborated with us. The classes are conducted in the respective schools by our well qualified teachers that are being regularly trained as per the latest development of our education material.
5) How relevant is your Kiwami Geometry to the Geometry that is taught in schools as per the CBSE /ICSE Curriculum. Does it offer any extra benefit as well?

Kiwami geometry has been developed keeping in mind the curriculum taught in Indian schools. We have also included all the concepts of CBSE Geometry.

Kiwami Geometry focusses on enhancing spatial skills among the children by clearing their fundamental concepts with the help of animated videos which contribute to the logical reasoning ability and preparing the students for Competitive examinations in the near future.
6) How soon can a child master the skills offered by Kiwami Geometry ?

Our programs are level progressive, we do not compel the students to complete the grade in a particular time frame. Our main motto is to develop interest in children for the programs so that learning becomes easy. By rigorous practice and as the logical skills develop, the child can excel kiwami geometry in 2-3 years.
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