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What is “Kiwami

Kiwami in Japanese means to master something at the highest level.It is the latest method developed in Japan with hands on experience and ICT mediated education. It is a new educational method which has earned reputation to dramatically improve children’s academic results. We provide Geometry, Abacus, Science & Early Childhood Education which includes physical & motor, Socio- Emotional, Cognitive, Creative Expression ,Language development of child and enhance their life skills like confidence , leadership ,courage etc.
What are the fees?

For detailed fees of each course, please contact us’
1) By when do I have to pay tution fees? What is the acceptable method of payment?

Your child is enrolled in KIWAMI once your payment is made in advance and the next due date will be next month on the same date. We can accept the payment through cash, cheque, and account transfer.
2) What kind of training do teachers receive?

They are getting training directly from the founder of the program and time to time role playing of the teachers are being conducted.
3) How much is the admission fees?

No admission fee is required but we charge Rs.1000 for abacus tool if your child is enrolled in Ee Soroban programme.
4) How long have you been doing tuition centre business in India?

We started in December 2014 in INDIA
5) What is the difference between you and other tuition centre for Soroban (abacus) class?

• Firstly we are teaching through ICT mediated education i.e videos and animation
• We are giving test after every concept and also the global test which is supported by UNESCO for students above grade 3
• We do imaging calculation through which mental calculation enhances.
• In our higher grades we are having more complex problems so that child can learn the calculation more efficiently.
6) How long will my child have to practice to be able to use Soroban?

It totally depends on the learning speed of your child but it takes 2 to 3 years to do the mental calculations without using tool.
7) I want my child to be good in maths, not just limited to geometry. Are there only geometry questions in the textbook?

KIWAMI geometry includes questions like conversions, area, perimeter etc and it will help in improving mathematical skills in general. It will also improve logical and visualization power while enhancing fundamental mathematical and geometrical understanding, that are required to solve algebra and other types of mathematical questions.
8) What kind of skill can my child attain by taking science vision class?

Children can attain skills like visualization, imagination, concentration power, memorization, vocabulary, listening power, speaking skills, confidence, moral values, and basic etiquettes.
9) My child has concentration problem, so I'm worried if he can sit during the class.

As children of this age group often have problem in concentrating, we are trying our best to make them focussed through our videos and activities that are performed in the class.
10) What is special in science vision class of KIWAMI?

We are giving individual attention to the child.
• Customized curriculum
• Child centred curriculum.
• Curriculum is set by Japanese as per international standard.
• We are teaching through ICT based materials, educational toys, easy-to-understand science experiments , Soroban which is usually not taught at school at this age.
11) Will my child's mathematics grade in school be improved by taking TAMAI maths narrated class?

Yes, as our curriculum is designed compatible with the CBSE curriculum.
12) Even children can conduct experiments? Aren’t they difficult for them?

No, they are not difficult, Even children can do it by themselves as these experiments are made easy to understand and easy to conduct.

Miscellaneous :

Q1.How KIWAMI will help my child?

KIWAMI is beneficial as in this program we are giving emphasis on understanding the fundamental concepts of mathematics and does not encourage repetitive calculation practice nor memorizing formulas. In this program child is learning for his whole life as it is based on self-learning. For example child will not only learn the formula of area but s/he will understand how , why and when to find the area.
Q2. Will KIWAMI replicate my child’s school curriculum?

It will help your child have strong fundamentals in mathematical concepts, which results in performing better at school. After learning Abacus he will The step-by-step curriculum enables your child to have a solid understanding of the concepts at each level they study.
Q3. How long will it take my child to reach grade 10?

Depending on the child, but on an average it takes 2-3 years.
Q4.How will we find the materials used in science experiments?

We will be providing all the material used in science experiments.
Q5. Is our child safe while doing science experiments?

We will together teach them the dos and don’ts from rule book. Your child will be under strict care and surveillance by our trained teachers who are fully equipped to conduct these experiments.
Q6. What are your operating timings?

We are available from 9 am till 7 pm.

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