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1) How your program is different from other programs ?

Firstly we are teaching through ICT Mediated education .We focus on improving imaginative and logical skills of the children with the help of our teaching videos and movies.
2) How a school can conduct classes in the school ?

Our qualified team members will be giving training to the teachers of the respective schools. Team shall be in direct contact with the teachers if they need any help.
3) How your programs will benefit our students ?

Each of our program focuses on enhancing logical and imaginative skills among the children which will help them in clearing their fundamental concepts and in turn improves their confidence.
4) What is the duration of your program EeSoroban ?

A child on an average completes the program in 2-3 years. The duration required to complete the program depends on children and how frequently they study with the teaching material.
5) What are the things require to take Ee Soroban and Kiwami geometry classes ?

Our programs are based on ICT Mediated technology .Therefore you shall have an internet ready device – a computer with adobe flash player installed and headphones on each computer and textbooks (which we provide).
6) What is the origin / source of your study material.

(KIWAMI Geometry and Ee Soroban have been developed by our founder Mitsuyo Tamai in Japan and have been widely used in Japan and other countries.
7) What is the relation between Kiwami Geometry and the Geometry of other schools? What is the similarity?

Kiwami geometry is one of the program that enhances spatial skills among the children. Our program is broader than Geometry that not only includes CBSE Course but also focus on improving their fundamental concepts.
8) What is the link between your programs and the CBSE Curriculum.

(If you only talk about KIWAMI Geometry, you can say that it covers what children study in CBSE curriculum and not only the curriculum, it covers beyond the curriculum, meaning that children can work out more advanced questions depending on their level of understanding. For Ee Soroban, this will help children to acquire calculation skills which is mandatory to excel in school.)
9) How can the students of different boards (CBSE, ICSE etc) benefit from your programs?

Our programs majorly focuses on building strong fundamental concepts of the students in the field of Mathematics and Science which in turn will help the students to perform better in their academics.
10) For each program, from which class standard, the class can be conducted?

For each program we can conduct classes from class2 to class 8 of the respective academic year.
11) What is the recommended duration of the class? (e.g., 45 mins, an hour?)

ForEeSoroban and Kiwami Geometry , it should be 45 mins each.
12) Can you conduct workshop for parents so that they will have a better understanding of the program?

Yes , we will be conducting workshops for the parents for their better understanding.

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