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KIWAMI is the name of the global brand tuition centre which applies the creative study method called 'TAMAI Method' developed in Japan. We Have opened our first tuition centre in India, here in Punjabi Bagh, Delhi. TAMAI Method has been successfully introduced into many schools, kindergartens and major tuition centres in Japan. Its new educational method has earned reputation as the method to dramatically improve children's academic results. The method has also successfully been adapted in Hong Kong, Thailand and Vietnam. TAMAI Method puts emphasis on what we call as 'the faculty of imagination'. We believe that 'the faculty of imagination' is an important skill which enables children to fulfill their potential in work, life, learning and sports. KIWAMI is the only tuition centre in India that provides various programs to enhance.

gakken science experiment classroom

Vision and Mission

We, KIWAMI, provide world-class math and science education through the latest IT technology and aim to foster 'the faculty of imagination' of children. We believe that every child has infinite potential and that KIWAMI' educational program will encourage children to apply their studies in practical life and contribute to society in the future.


More than a tution centre we are a learning centre where we engage students in independent and self directed learning activities with the help of carefully planned materials prepared to facilitate learning outcomes.

Founder of Kiwami

Developer of TAMAI Method
Mitsuyo Tamai
Representative of TAMAI Education Group.

While studying master course at M.V. Lomonosov Moscow State University, she worked at Russian broadcast station. (This is when she first engaged in production of animated education program.) After coming back to Japan, she engaged in production of TV programs. With her outstanding teaching method, many of her students successfully matriculated into prestigious universities in Japan, including University of Tokyo and Keio University.
Taking advantage of this experience, she developed ICT educational materials on her own. 3 years after the development, the number of students who study with her products reached approximately 12,000 (30,000 as of 2015). Although she has only released one mathematics textbook and one textbook which exclusively focuses on geometry, her products became mega hit. Furthermore, it has been attracting attention from all over the world, including countries such as Hong Kong, Korea, Thailand and Vietnam. Last year, She was invited to give presentations in public, including schools more than 100 times. She is also an author of various textbooks.

The Team

At Kiwami, strength of the team is each individual member. Well qualified and dedicated teachers with a vision of better future. They treat students as friends in the learning process and play as mothers while teaching process


At Kiwami, the classrooms are designed to be friendly, age appropriate, safe and attractive. Height of tables, chairs, washroom equipments have been carefully thought through. With the help of well trained and experienced teachers, students will enjoy our program equipped with the latest movie content through tablets and computers

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