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Ee soroban

We use a unique calculation method called "imaging calculation", which enables children to visualize the sorobon in their mind. In Ee soroban, unique calculation exercises are avalilable. Students watch movies where the calculation is actually performed on a soroban and answer the equation performed. By repetitively doing this exercise, children will be able to calculate mentally by visualizing a soroban, which helps them to foster skills to calculate more accurately and quickly.

Ee soroban for small children

Once children master Ee soroban, they will be able to acquire a skill to perform basic calculations to complicated calculations. kiwami soroban employs level-progression curriculum which allows children to proceed their study depending on their level of understanding and abilities. By the time they proceed to the upper level, they will find themselves being able to perform mental calculations without using abacus. The ability to visualize that can be acquired through abacus study will help children to excel in other subjects.
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